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Q2 2019 Blue Book Updates

HeliValue$, Inc. held its review of The Official Helicopter Blue Book® on July 12, 2019.  Resale pricing adjustments were made for the following models: 

MFR. Model Change YOM Affected
Airbus AS-350B3 1998-2012
Airbus AS-350B3e (H125) 2011-2016
Airbus BK-117 B1 1987-1994
Airbus BK-117 B2 1983-1997
Airbus BK-117 C2 (EC145T1) -- *Est. 2013-2018 pricing
Airbus EC-130B4 2001-2012
Airbus EC-130T2 -- *Est. 2018-2019 pricing
Airbus SA-315B Lama -- *Re-est. 1962-1992 pricing
Airbus SA-341G Gazelle -- *Re-est. 1968-1978 pricing
Bell 407 1996-2014
Bell 412EP 1994-2011
Bell 429 2010-2016 down, *Est 2017-2019 pricing
Enstrom 280F/FX 2008-2019
Enstrom 480B 2000-2019
Leonardo 109SP -- *Est. 2018-2019 pricing
Leonardo 119Kx -- *Est. 2018-2019 pricing
Leonardo AW139 Long Nose 2007-2019
MD 530 *Est. 2010-2019 pricing
MD 902 1998-2013

* Newly established or re-established pricing based on new resale transaction information. 

**Please note all Robinson helicopters are under extensive review as we are experiencing significant swings in value based on geographic region.

Resale pricing adjustments are based on actual sales transactions and current market conditions such as overall trends in asking prices, increase or decrease in supply, demand, and sales volume.  We obtain sales pricing data from owners and operators, lenders and lessors, brokers, and equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

While we do review all models each quarter, frequently traded models are updated as soon as they begin to show variation from the previously published values.  Stay up to date on resale pricing changes by purchasing an annual subscription.  

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There has been some increased activity over the past quarter.  Piston helicopters are generally trading well.  There has been an ever-increasing number of Robinson helicopters in need of a fresh 2,200-hour overhaul coming onto the market.  Light single turbine sales taking place over the second quarter saw a slight decline in sales prices.  Many of the older single turbine machines on the market have sold, and in turn, interest in the stock of newer models have been picking up.  The Bell 407 series and Airbus AS350B3 series have both had a slight decrease in sale prices in the second quarter.  

With higher than normal activity and interest, the most exciting market segment this past quarter has been the medium market.  This is due to recent tenders for mediums requiring a good number of aircraft to fill contracts.  There is news of several pending transactions and even more under development.  These are all indications that values for medium category aircraft will improve in the third quarter.  On the downside of the medium market, the Bell 412EP and MD 902 have had a decline in resale values for the second quarter.  

There is a continued increase in demand for the Airbus EC225LP helicopter as a utility machine, which has left operators and lessors struggling with lead times for parts and equipment from the manufacturer.  The shift from offshore to utility work for this model has also influenced a growing interest in previous variants such as the AS332L, L1, and L2.  The demand for good flyable machines is something the industry hasn’t seen since the EC225 grounding in 2016.  Another positive for the second quarter was the first Sikorsky S-92A resale transaction to take place in several years.