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Dedication To The Helicopter Industry

HeliValue$, Inc., is the world's premier helicopter valuation company. Best known for publishing The Official Helicopter Blue Book® since 1979.  Our other publications include The Official Helicopter Specification Book™ and Perspectives: A Helicopter Resale History®.

HeliValue$ is Most Trusted World Wide® in the helicopter industry for resale pricing, technical specifications, and maintenance costs. Our only business is helicopter values: the subscription sales of our publications, our desktop appraisals, onsite asset examinations, technical and operational analyses, residual projections, and related reports concerning the values of more than 200 different commercial models and their components.

As the only dedicated helicopter appraisal service worldwide, HeliValue$ takes the appraisal profession to a new level. HeliValue$ appraisers have aided clients in helicopter valuation for more than thirty-five years.  Serving diverse markets, our clients include manufacturers, vendors, helicopter operators of various sizes and locations, banks, leasing firms, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies. 

Our functions with these groups have taken us well beyond the "appraiser" role.  For lenders and lessors in particular, our advice and consultations have helped them in several vital areas by providing the final "go/no-go" decisions for many of them, covering the question of whether to participate with helicopter lending in general, as well as changing the lending/credit industry's opinion of helicopters' long-term values.  Our thirty-five year history of accurate Blue Book resale records, our in-depth surveys, reports, onsite evaluations, as well as our advice and counsel, have made HeliValue$ the most trusted entity for helicopter appraisals and advice worldwide.

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Our Mission

As the foremost resource in helicopter appraisals, resale pricing, technical specifications, and maintenance costs, our goal is to consistently provide reliable and accessible expertise in helicopter valuation services and products using the most qualified and experienced personnel.

Our Credentials

Our appraisers hold accreditations from the American Society of Appraisers.  With four accredited appraisers, over three decades of experience, and an average of 1,800 helicopter valuations each year, HeliValue$ truly "covers the world".

HeliValue$ has enhanced its position in the industry with a charter membership on the Finance & Leasing Committee of the Helicopter Association International, through guest speaker engagements before the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA), and Corporate Jet Investor as well as through our "Market Trends" columns which appeared in HAI's ROTOR magazine, and through our articles as they have appeared in other industry publications.

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First published in 1979, The Official Helicopter Blue Book® and The Official Helicopter Specification Book have provided the industry with authoritative helicopter resale prices, performance and technical specifications.

Each issue of The Official Helicopter Blue Book® contains extensive financial and technical details, covering more than 200 different models which resell around the world.  All of the principals, officers and specialized employees have been with The Official Helicopter Blue Book® since the publication began in 1979, or their entire civil aviation careers.


From 1979 to 1983 the appraisal and price reporting services were increased so as to provide more helicopter fleet appraisals for a large percentage of the world's major operators.

In 1984, The Official Helicopter Blue Book® was revised and expanded to show the component parts pricing and overhaul interval information.

In 1986, The Official Helicopter Blue Book® was purchased, and the reporting services were again diversified to include evaluations of ex-military helicopters, values on parts, and projected residual values.

In 1988, HeliValue$, Inc., was formed to provide inspection and appraisal services for The Official Helicopter Blue Book®.


In 1990, HeliValue$ bought The Official Helicopter Blue Book® and its related publications, as well as its remaining appraisal and inspection business.  Soon after, HeliValue$ began publishing the Helicopter Equipment Lists and Prices™ (H.E.L.P.), a detailed component-pricing book with standardized "Hourly Maintenance Costs" for each machine.

In 1994, The Official Helicopter Blue Book® became available on CD-ROM for the first time.


In 2005, HeliValue$ unveiled The Official Helicopter Blue Book® online website.


In 2014, HeliValue$ released its new and updated website, providing more resale value knowledge to the helicopter community and industry worldwide. The website was enhanced with a new interactive Blue Book and now also includes our publication Perspectives: A Helicopter Resale History™.

Helitech 2017


VP of Operations, Jason Kmiecik will be attending Helitech 2017.  He will be available to for meetings October 1-4. Please contact HV$ here to schedule an appointrment.




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