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Q2 & Q3 2018 Blue Book Updates

HeliValue$, Inc. held its third-quarter Blue Book pricing review in October.  Resale pricing adjustments were made for the following models: 

Q3 Blue Book Pricing Changes

Model                                        Yrs. Of Mfg. Affected

Airbus AS-350B2                              1989-2015

Airbus EC-130T2                                2012-2017

Bell 212                                             1971-1998

Bell 407GXP                                        2014-2018

Robinson R44 Beta II                        1996-2018

Robinson R44 Clipper I                     2000-2018

Robinson R44 Clipper II                    2002-2018

Robinson R44 Raven I                       2000-2018

Robinson R44 Raven II                      2002-2018

Schweizer 300C                                1985-2008


Our second-quarter Blue Book review was held July.  Resale pricing adjustments were made for the following models:

Q2 Blue Book Pricing Changes

Model                        Yrs. of Mfg. Affected

Airbus AS-350B2               1989-2002

Airbus AS-350BA              1991-1999

Airbus AS-365N2              1990-2003

Airbus EC-130B4               2001-2011

Airbus EC-135P1               1996-2002

Airbus EC-135T1                1996-2002

Airbus EC-135P2                1998-2016

Airbus EC-135T2                1998-2016

Airbus EC-225                    2004-2015

Airbus SA-365C                 1977-1981

Airbus SA-365N                 1981-1986

Airbus SA-365N1                1987-1990

Bell 206BIII                        1977-1998

Bell 407                              1996-2014

Bell 407GX                           2011-2014

Bell 407GXP                         2014-2018

Sikorsky S-76D                    2012-2015

Resale pricing adjustments are based on actual sales transactions and current market conditions such as overall trends in asking prices, increase or decrease in supply, demand, and sales volume.  We obtain sales pricing data from owners and operators, lenders and lessors, brokers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

While we do review all models each quarter, frequently traded models are updated as soon as they begin to show variation from the previously published values.  Stay up-to-date on resale pricing changes by purchasing an annual subscription.  
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