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HeliValue$ held its third quarter review of the Blue Book resale pricing data on October 28, 2014. Models updated after our review are listed below.  Resale pricing adjustments are based on actual sales transactions and current market conditions. We obtain sales pricing data from owners and operators, lenders and lessors, brokers and equipment manufacturers worldwide.  With the information gathered from many different resources, we review each model covered in The Official Helicopter Blue Book®.  While we do review all models each quarter, frequently traded models are updated as soon as they begin to show variation from the previously published page.  Stay up-to-date on resale pricing changes by subscribing to The Official Helicopter Blue Book® www.helivalues.com.  


We are interested in any recent sales transactions you would like to report. Every time you buy, sell, lease, finance, or trade a helicopter, and report this information to us, you help update The Official Helicopter Blue Book®. Sales transactions can be reported via our website at Report a Sale or by emailing [email protected].  received is held in the strictest confidence and is only used for our internal review.

Agusta A109C

Agusta A109E

Agusta A109S

Agusta AW109SP


Airbus AS350BA

Airbus AS350B

Airbus AS350B1

Airbus AS350D

Airbus AS350B2

Airbus AS350B3

Airbus AS350B3e

Airbus AS355F2

Airbus BK117B2

Airbus BK117C1

Airbus EC120B

Airbus EC130B4

Airbus SA330J

Bell 206B3

Bell 206B2

Bell 206L1

Bell 206L3

Bell 206L4

Bell 214ST

Bell 407

Bell 407GX


Sikorsky S61N

Sikorsky S76A

Sikorsky S76C+


General Market Comments

Dollarphotoclub 19211810This year HeliValue$ has seen a considerable increase of light single engine helicopters on the market. This is mostly due to the sharp decline in the mining and seismic explorations sectors. Aiding in the flooded light singles market is a shift to replace the popular electronic news gathering machine, the Airbus AS350 series, with the lighter, lower-cost to maintain, Robinson R44 and R66 models. The medium and heavy helicopter markets continue to be very strong with an increasing demand for offshore machines. We expect to see demands at this level continue for at least the next five years. The VIP/Corporate resale market is in a decline in all categories but especially in the medium and large helicopter categories. We still see new deliveries of VIP/Corporate machines, like the Agusta AW139, Bell 429 and Airbus EC145s. However, because there is a low supply of the more desirable offshore configured machines we see discounted prices for VIP/Corporate configured machines in the used market.


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