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Appraisal Fees


Desktop Appraisals      Standard Rates       Fleet Rates (25+)
1st Valuation $ 2,100 $ 1,470
2nd - 5th Valuation (each) $ 1,700 $ 1,190
6th - 25th Valuation (each) $ 850 $ 595
26th - 50th Valuation (each) $ ----- $ 490
51st+ Valuation (each) $ ----- $ 455


Appraisal Services

  • Desktop/Fleet Appraisal
  • Onsite Asset Verification
  • Residual Values
  • Inventory Appraisal
  • Betterment/Detriment Studies


Desktop fees, at your request, may include current or past Fair Market Value (FMV), Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), and Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV) based on current component time use, and 0% and 50% component use in a single report.


  • Fleet size must be 25 or more aircraft to qualify for fleet rates.
  • Discounted rates cannot be applied to rush jobs.
  • If separate reports are required, an additional fee will apply.
  • New clients requesting appraisals will be required to pay in advance to establish a credit history with HV$.


Desktop Appraisals

The most-used and most cost-effective of HeliValue$’ appraisal services, the “desktop” Fair Market Value (FMV) provides the fastest, simplest valuation for a single helicopter or an entire fleet. Documents such as current component status and weight and balance reports are supplied by the client. The documentation is then analyzed at HeliValue$ headquarters by our team of analysts and ASA accredited appraisers. The final report is USPAP compliant and includes a complete description of our methodology, market conditions, and calculation worksheet that show how we arrived at the values provided in the report. Choose from: Current, Past or Projected Values of the following types: Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value or another premise that fits your needs.


Residual Values

Residual Projection Worksheets provide estimated future value curves of an aircraft based on the aircraft’s value or purchase price. Residuals are specific to the model, year of manufacture, configuration, and Hourly Maintenance Program (HMP). They are not based on actual component times unless performed with a Desktop Appraisal, in conjunction with return conditions of a lease agreement. Residuals are not appraisals and should not be relied upon to the same extent.

Residual value bundles (10) are sold as part of the Enterprise Subscription. If you are already an Enterprise Subscriber and have purchased a residual bundle, you may use them as part of your desktop appraisal. Customers without an Enterprise subscription, you may purchase residual values individually for $525 each or consider upgrading to an Enterprise Subscription that will allow you to purchase residual value bundles at a discounted rate of $700 for the first bundle of 10 and $1,700 per bundle after that.


Rush Fee - 25%

Valuations requiring completion in less than 7 business days for single Desktop Appraisal, or less than 10 business days for a single onsite may be subjected to a 25% surcharge depending on current workload and availability.


Onsite Asset Verification

Daily Rate: $2,350 US         Travel Rate: $500 US          Travel Expenses: Incurred

HeliValue$ performs the necessary check on the equipment and records to determine its Fair Market Value and to assure the client that the helicopter is as represented. With qualified onsite representatives throughout the world, onsite asset verifications can be quickly arranged.


Parts Inventory Valuation

Please call for quote

Along with our unique knowledge involving the whole helicopter, we also perform valuations for helicopter parts and equipment inventories. We can visit the warehouse and do a random sampling or simply work directly from the perpetual inventory. This report is most useful for large fleet operators and lending intuitions for the purpose of purchase price allocation, financing, and exit planning. Minimum of 300 line items required.


Betterment/Detriment Study

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Used at lease termination, this study compares the beginning vs. ending, or contract vs. actual, component status of a leased helicopter. A betterment/detriment study provides the value delta between the two states to determine which party owes the other at the end of the lease period, and how much.