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Appraisal Request Guide



What type of appraisal service do you need?


HeliValue$' most commonly requested appraisal service is the Desktop appraisal. This is the most affordable way to determine the value for your particular helicopter. Information such as the current component status report and installed equipment list are required from the client to be analyzed by one of our ASA accredited appraisers in office. A report and calculations worksheet is prepared and emailed to the client. Desktop appraisals usually take 7-10 business days to complete.


Onsite Asset Verification

Our second most commonly requested appraisal type is the Onsite Asset Verification. HeliValue$ has onsite representative all over the world. When an Onsite Verification is required HeliValue$ sends a representative who physically verifies the condition of the helicopter, logbooks, and permanent records. The representative completes a report detailing the helicopter's condition and installed equipment, photographs the helicopter, and documents any issues with the condition or records. The reports are sent to HeliValue$ offices where the valuation is performed by an ASA accredited appraiser. When requesting an onsite, HeliValue$ will need to know the location of the helicopter and its records. Please note that aircraft records could be stored in a different location than the aircraft.  Onsite Asset Verifications can be completed 7-10 business days after receipt of the onsite materials.


Other Appraisal Services

Helivalue$, also provides Inventory Appraisals, Appraisal Reviews, Residual Projections, Betterment/Detriment Studies, Contract Compliance Checks, Term of Loan and Lease Monitoring Programs, as well as Consulting Services. You can find out more about these other services by visiting www.helivalues.com and viewing the Appraisal Services tab of the website.

If you do not require a formal report a subscription to The Official Helicopter Blue Book® can help you determine an approximate value for a particular model. Our Interactive Blue Book allows you to provide basic information to generate a value range. HeliValue$ offers subscription levels from individual Blue Book pages to annual and Enterprise subscriptions that give you access to Blue Book pages for all models. Check out our subscription rates and sample pages here.


Who is the client and other intended users?

Establishing to whom the appraisal will be addressed as well as any other intended users is essential to the appraisal process. Knowing all parties who will be employing the appraisal allows us to write a report that is clearly understood and serves the purposes of all users. Designated intended users are also typically authorized to contact us directly to discuss the appraisal results.


What is the intended use of the appraisal?

Knowing why you need an appraisal and how it will be used determines how the appraiser will approach the assignment. Your use of the appraisal may also affect the type value that is best suited for the purpose.


What type of value do you need?

The most common premise (type) of value requested is the Current Fair Market Value (CFMV). Other commonly requested values are Past Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV) and Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV). If you are unsure of what type of value you need, or if the type of value you require is not listed on our website, please contact our office to discuss the options. You may also view the value definitions by visiting our website here and then clicking on the definitions tab.
      a. Projected Values – For an additional fee, residual projection values up to ten years out can be added to your report.



Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is the generally accepted standards for professional appraisal practice in the North America and has a growing acceptance with professional organizations, financial institutions and governments in Central and South America, Europe and Asia. USPAP is required by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and most federal, state and local agencies. All of HeliValue$ appraisals are performed by ASA accredited appraisers in accordance with USPAP.



 What we will need to perform your appraisal


1. Current component status reports and installed equipment lists

The value of a helicopter is based primarily on its component status and installed equipment. Components of a helicopter are overhauled or retired at certain intervals. A component status report is required to determine the percentage used of each major drivetrain component. These reports are also referred to as Maintenance Tracking Reports. Also required is an equipment list. Equipment lists, or a Weight & Balance provide details of the installed avionics and optional equipment. Both the component status and equipment lists are easily obtained through the owner or operator.

It is critical that this information be as current and up to date as possible. Changes in component status, incorrect or incomplete equipment lists can substantially affect the appraised value of a helicopter. Providing us with complete and current information is the key to an accurate appraisal.


2. Power-by-the-hour Programs (PBH)

Under power-by-the-hour programs (PBH), a predetermined hourly payment for the PBH-covered part is made for each flight hour that part has flown. This insures that its major overhaul and/or time retirement is accomplished at the proper interval, with the parts provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their designated authorized service center. The PBH-covered parts and components are considered always guaranteed to be in or qualified for restoration to, "zero" or "low" time service life condition. They each retain a high dollar value, regardless of their actual service life status, by virtue of remaining in "like new" condition as a result of the paid-up PBH program.

There are many different types of PBH programs. These programs are very impactful to the appraised value of a helicopter. HeliValue$ will need to know what components are covered under your PBH program.


3. Additional Information

Please provide us with any and all information that may impact the value. The more detail you provide us with, the better we can serve you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your appraisal.


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