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The Base Helicopter Price is given in that year’s US Dollars or Euros when noted, they are the prices in effect as of the specific model year of manufacture, but do not necessarily reflect the actual price paid by the purchaser at new delivery.

The values should be used for reference only, as they may have averaged for any prices changes during the year. 

These prices do not account for any discounts, distributor or dealer profits, trade-in allowances, extra service or parts, options added above the “average,” or special financing arrangements that might have been made.

North American prices are used since historically North America has accounted for more than 50% of the entire marketplace.

The Blue Book index provide available data for the {model}.  Click this link to the helicopter blue book index, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/index

Purchase a subscription to view the {model} resale value history by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/subscriptions

You can view sample pages of The Official Helicopter Blue Book by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/sample

If you need an accurate current fair market value, orderly liquidation value or net orderly liquidation value, request a desktop appraisal today,  https://www.helivalues.com/appraisal-requests