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General Market Comments - Brighter Horizons?

There has been some positive news recently, so it’s starting to feel like the dive into the abyss may have finally reached max depth for the helicopter market.   Helicopter transactions are still limited, but buyer activity has picked up over this last quarter.  Resale values have leveled off and reported transactions this quarter are at or above published Blue Book values an indication that things may be turning around.  There are still plenty of older aircraft remaining on the market, and they will likely sell at below average values.  With so many bargains out there now is the time to buy.

In addition to leveling values and increased activity in the resale market, tenders coming out are bringing some hope for many of the aircraft parked during the downturn.  Efforts to fill new contract obligations has potential to increase new helicopter orders as well. 

While news of EASA recently lifting the grounding of the H225 and AS332L2 aircraft is welcome news for Airbus, it doesn’t come without some trepidation.  AIBN has yet to release their final report into the investigation which is making most operators hesitant to attempt putting the aircraft back into service.  EASA’s lifting is at least a positive move in the right direction for Airbus.   

It is a pleasure to say that during this quarter’s pricing meeting we have only made adjustments to four helicopters in The Official Helicopter Blue Book ®. The AS365N2, AS365N3, EC145T1, and the S61N.  We have also added resale pricing pages for the Boeing CH47Dand the Sikorsky UH-60A.