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HeliValue$, Inc. held its first quarter Blue Book pricing review on April 5, 2018.  Resale pricing adjustments were made for the following models: 


Yrs. of Mfg. Affected

Airbus AS332L1


Airbus AS350BA 


Airbus AS350B2


Airbus SA365C


Airbus AS365N


Airbus SA365N1


Airbus AS365N2


Airbus EC130B4


Airbus EC135P1


Airbus EC135T1




Bell 206BIII


Bell 407


Bell 407GX


Bell 429

2010-2014  (Configuration Values Only)

Leonardo AW119Kx

2012-2015  (Configuration Values Only)

**Piston helicopters are still under review. Once updates have been made, a list of affect aircraft will appear in a new newsletter.

Resale pricing adjustments are based on actual sales transactions and current market conditions such as overall trends in asking prices, increase or decrease in supply, demand, and sales volume.  We obtain sales pricing data from owners and operators, lenders and lessors, brokers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. 


While we do review all models each quarter, frequently traded models are updated as soon as they begin to show variation from the previously published values.  Stay up-to-date on resale pricing changes by purchasing an annual subscription.  



Q1 Market Overview

The resale market, in general, has enjoyed an uptick in activity throughout the first quarter of 2018.  The single turbine markets are seeing more activity than we’ve seen in the previous four quarters.  Notably, older vintages of the Airbus AS350 series are experiencing the largest increase in activity as well as a bump up in sales prices.  The newer vintages are not experiencing the same level of activity.  However, as the older aircraft move off the market it’s likely that newer aircraft will begin to see similar activity.  Other models in this category that have seen an increase in activity this past quarter are the older Bell 206 Jet Rangers, Bell 206 Long Rangers, Bell 407 series, MD 500E, and Robinson R66. 


In the light twin category there has been sales activity with the Airbus EC135P1/T1 series, EC135P2/T2 series, EC145T1, Leonardo A109E, Bell 412EP, 429, and MD 900/902.  The medium market continues to be soft with some movement of VIP configured aircraft.  It’s worth remarking that there has been a noticeable increase of twin-engine offshore aircraft that are being sold and converted to alternate mission types such as SAR and VIP. 


After several years in the doldrums, the heavy twin market has seen a few resale transactions in the first quarter.  Two Airbus AS332L1 series, one EC225LP, and one Sikorsky S61N.  Any other movement in the heavy market was within the leasing sector.