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Valuing the appraisers


As with most appraisers, Sharon Desfor, owner, HeliValue$ tripped and fell into the role. “Consider this: if every parent were to ask their children what they want to be when they grow up, how many children would answer, ‘I want to appraise helicopters?’ None, that’s how many. Not one,” she says. Desfor began back in 1983 at The Official Helicopter Blue Book. It was there that Desfor met her husband, Barry. “He got me interested in ‘Why’.

Why is this helicopter worth more than that one? Why does the industry prefer this model over its competitors?”

With a love of maths and logic, Desfor started trying to quantify the price delta against differences in the specifications, component times, installed mission equipment, the maintenance programmes or even the reseller, in some cases. “I started looking for the reasons behind the volatility in helicopter values. At some point, I realised to my surprise that this was much more interesting than figuring out how to reinstall the operating system into the idiotic computer one more time.”


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