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The Resale pricing in The Official Helicopter Blue Book is based on actual sales transactions and current market conditions such as overall trends in helicopter asking prices, increase or decrease in helicopter supply, demand, and sales volume. We obtain helicopter sales pricing data from owners and operators, lenders and lessors, brokers and equipment manufacturers worldwide.

The Default values represent the manufacture's standard aircraft and options before customer customization.

Included on the helicopter pricing page in The Official Helicopter Blue Book is the helicopter's manufacturer's historical price listed by {model} year, {model} serial numbers and {model} base pricing.    The Blue Book Resale Values are listed by the Weighted Average Component Life at 100% Used, 80% Used, 60% Used, 50% Used, 40% Used, 20% Used and 0% Used.  This resale pricing page is interactive and can highlight {model} by engine type, baseline configuration, year of manufacture, component usage and if the helicopter is enrolled in a Power by the Hour program for tip to tail or engine only, gear box only or both engine/gearbox.

The Blue Book index provide available data for the {model}.  Click this link to the helicopter blue book index, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/index

Purchase a subscription to view the {model} resale value by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/subscriptions

You can view sample pages of The Official Helicopter Blue Book by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/sample

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