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  • Single HeliCalc - $625

HeliCalc™ will be the newest addition to the tools and resources offered by HeliValue$. It was developed to give our customers with a strong background in helicopter operations, 24 hours 7 days a week access to values specific to their helicopter. HeliCalc™ provides a comprehensive evaluation based on your helicopters actual component status and installed equipment.


This tool is helpful when considering a purchase, pre-lease commitments, internal evaluations, and for our customers who perform their own appraisals and require a more in-depth approach than a Blue Book page.  The calculator is built on HeliValue$ Blue Book database and calculations are made based on our proprietary algorithms developed and used in our own appraisal programs for four decadess and for over 2,500 helicopter appraisals we perform each year.


A 10% discount is offered on desktop appraisals for an aircraft that clients have purchased a HeliCalc™ report for within a six month period.  This discount may be combined with subscriber discounts.  The discount only applies to the specific serial numbered aircraft that a HeliCalc™ report was ordered for.


**HeliCalc™ is not an appraisal and does not meet USPAP standards. It is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and should not be used in place of a formal appraisal.  

To complete a HeliCalc™ report you will need:

  • Current component status report
  • Current installed equipment list
  • The knowledge and experience to accurately read the reports and identify the components’ time remaining (TR) or time since overhaul (TSO).


Please read the instructions and disclaimers carefully, and have all documents ready before proceeding with the HeliCalc™ data entry process. You will have the opportunity to review your work. Once the data has been submitted you will not be able to alter any of your entries. Fair Market Value (FMV), and Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), based on actual component status, and 0% and 50% component use will be included in the final HeliCalc™ report.