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California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat

California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat

The Official Helicopter Blue Book® is published by HeliValue$, Inc.   The first publication was in 1979.  The helicopter Blue Book combines 40 years of resale data and internal component pricing information.  The helicopter Blue Book is a unique book, it is not like the Kelly blue book, green book, red book or black book.  The Official Helicopter Blue Book® is not simply a database of resale transactions, it is a product that provides our customers with various tools to make informed decisions.   Information on helicopter specifications, current and historical resale values, current and historical manufacturer pricing, component overhaul and retirement intervales, and hourly maintenance costs are available for most of the over 200 models covered in the Blue Book.  Our interactive Blue Book includes the model comparison tool that allows side by side comparison of data for up to three helicopter models.

HeliValue$ is the only full-time helicopter  and helicopter inventory appraisal firm and perform over 2,500 helicopter appraisals annually.  We have accredited ASA appraisers that follow the USPAP guidelines.


Current Resale Pricing
Current Resale Pricing is not available on this California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat.

The specification pages in The Official Helicopter Blue Book® detail the performance and physical specifications in English and Metric forms of measurement and contain over 100 "facts" about each helicopter.  You will find a specification page for the California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat.

Each set of specifications are given for the most recent variant of the California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat.

This data has been developed from a variety of sources.  While we believe this information to be as accurate and correct as possible, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for any business transaction based on the use of this specification data. Any technical data presented is subject to change and it is not intended to substitute for any regulatory agency’s or helicopter manufacturer's appropriately authorized flight or maintenance manuals.

The information is divided into major categories; helicopter Engine, Power Rating, Transmission, Performance, Rotor, External Dimensions, Internal Dimensions, Accommodations, Weights, Fuel Capacity, Average Fuel Consumption, Range, Type Certificate Date Sheets, Milestones and Summary.   Every effort is made to provide "apples to apples" comparability; when this is not possible, boldface footnotes are inserted to indicate otherwise or to add to the basic data presented. The definitions for each category are presented in the section marked "Specification Definitions," which immediately follows this section.

The English system was used to develop all numbers for U.S.-built helicopters and then converted to appropriate metric equivalents. Metric measurements were the first choice for European helicopters, and these were converted to the English system.

Our Blue Book index provides available data for the California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat.  Click this link to the helicopter blue book index, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/index

Purchase a bluebook subscription to view the California Helicopter Airways, Inc. S-55 Bearcat by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/subscriptions

Before purchasing, you can view helicopter sample pages of The Official Helicopter Blue Book® by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/sample

If you need an accurate current fair market value, orderly liquidation value or net orderly liquidation value signed by an ASA certified appraiser, request a desktop appraisal today,  https://www.helivalues.com/appraisal-requests





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