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Expert Witness Services
Appraisal Fees
  • Minimum Retainer $2,900
  • Out-of-office litigation support - per hour US $660
  • Capped at $3,300 per day
  • In-office litigation support - per hour US $400

Litigation support requires investigative skills, knowledge and expertise, practiced judgment, superior credentials, and high-quality communication skills. HeliValue$’ appraisers have training and experience in deposition, consulting witness, and testifying witness engagements, and remain the most credible source of helicopter valuations. Our appraisers have testified in United States Federal Court, Canadian Superior Court, and the International Court of Justice at The Hague.


Why choose HeliValue$ as your expert witness:

  • Our ASA accredited appraisers have the skill, knowledge, and expertise
  • Over 40 years of research and collected data
  • Nearly 2,500 helicopter appraisals performed annually
  • The only appraisal firm 100% dedicated to the helicopter market. Helicopters are our only business!


Services may include onsite examination of the aircraft, photography, review of related records, depositions, literature searches, research, analysis, consultation time, preparation for deposition and trial testimony, oral or written reports, preparation of exhibits and demonstrative evidence, all travel time (billed portal to portal), deposition and trial testimony, waiting time for deposition and trial testimony, watching or assisting during the testimony of others, and other related tasks requested by client. Any time related to the case or project which is beyond the scope of an initial telephone interview of the consultant may be considered billable time at our published rates. All fees for out-of-office work are billed portal-to-portal.


A retainer is required prior to commencing any litigation support.  At a minimum, a desktop appraisal fee per helicopter plus an additional fee of $800.00 per helicopter, for 2 hours of document review, research and analysis will be used to determine the retainer fee.  The retainer represents the minimum fees to be paid for review of a case, and it will be applied to invoices for completed work and may be adjusted by the appraiser upon initial review of the case.   If the retainer is in excess of the final bill, the difference will be refunded to the client. If additional services are required, you will be invoiced accordingly.