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Sue Kandefer is HeliValue$’ Vice President.  Her role involves, HR management duties, preparation of company policies and procedures, maintaining financial records, and supervising the quality of financial reporting for the organization.  Sue manages client services while overseeing and coordinating the daily operations of the office, assisting with appraisal work files, quality reviews and organizing HeliValue$’ representatives in multiple countries for onsite asset verifications around the wo

Jason Kmiecik, ASA, is President of HeliValue$, Inc.  He is responsible for the execution and management of HeliValue$' corporate business strategy, internal appraisal processes and programming of proprietary algorithms, appraiser staff, and primary editor of The Official Helicopter Blue Book®. He frequently consults in aviation finance and lease sectors, participates in industry forums and panels, seminars and educational courses.


Sharon Desfor, ASA, is Chairman of the Board and Owner of HeliValue$, Inc., the world’s most trusted helicopter appraisal firm, and publisher of The Official Helicopter Blue Book®, the accepted standard for helicopter resale pricing information.