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HeliCalc® Instructions

Before you start your HeliCalc® Report 

  • The most important instruction is to SAVE your work as you progress through the calculations.   
  • Once you have started HeliCalc® you may save your work and come back at any time.  Saved HeliCalc® calculations can be retrieved from your account dashboard under the HeliCalc® tab. 

  • Once the “Generate Final Report” button is clicked, and you complete your payment, you will be unable to modify the report.   

  • Value results will not generate until payment is completed.  

  • HeliCalc® does not meet USPAP standards.  It is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and should not be used in place of a formal appraisal performed by an experienced and accredited appraiser. 

Begin a HeliCalc® Report 

  • Initial and agree to the HeliCalc® Terms of Use.   

  • Select your manufacturer by clicking on the logo, then select your model. 

Aircraft Info 

All Aircraft Info fields are required before proceeding to the next section of HeliCalc®. 

  1. Model year: the program defaults to the first available year of manufacture (YOM).  Please be sure to choose your helicopter’s YOM from the drop-down menu.  

  1. Registration Number: Required 

  1. Serial Number: Required 

  1. Airframe Total Time: Required 

  1. Engine: Choose engine installed in the aircraft from the drop-down menu. 

  1. Engines or Modules: Choose the option that matches the information on your component status report.  Your component status report will either list the time on the engine or time on the individual modules of the engine. 

  1. Conversion:  You should have chosen the original manufacturer version of the aircraft when starting the HeliCalc®. Here is where you choose the conversion/upgrade for your helicopter. 

  1. Configuration: Choose your helicopter’s main mission configuration.  This is simply a label that will be used in the final report.  Mission specific equipment will need to be added in the optional equipment section. 

  1. Hourly Maintenance Program: Please select the HMP that applies to your aircraft.  When a HMP is selected from the drop-down menu the components associated with the covered parts will default to zero or full-life status and cannot be changed unless the HMP option is deselected or changed. If you have a customized program, enter full-life status for each covered part manually in the Component Status Table.  Please see FAQ for more information about hourly maintenance programs.   

  1. Component Status Options: You may choose from any combination of:  

  • Maintenance Adjusted: Times entered from your helicopter’s component status report. 

  • 0% (full-life): Is used for a new delivery helicopter or a hypothetical status that assumes components at 0% used or full-life. 

  • 50% (half-life): Hypothetical status that assumes all components are at 50% or half-life status. 

  1. Premise of Value:   Fair Market Value (FMV), Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV). See FAQ for value definitions 

  1. Component Time Format: You may choose one of the following: 

  • TSO: Time Since Overhaul or TSN: Time Since New 

  • TR: Time Remaining 

    **Please pay close attention to the option chosen.  If times are entered using the wrong format the resulting values will be incorrect.  

  1. Once all fields in the Aircraft Info section have been filled in, you may click the Start HeliCalc® button to proceed to the next section of the calculations.   

Component Status Table 

Using your helicopter’s component status report, enter the component times based on the format (TSO/TSN or TR) chosen in the Aircraft Info section. 

  • TBO/TBR: Time Before Overhaul/Time Before Retirement limits.  These fields can be edited. 

  • Interval Types: Intervals may be edited to reflect cycles, hours, months, retirement index number, landings or days. 

  • Event: Events can be edited to reflect IN (Inspection), OC (On Condition), OH (Overhaul), or RT (Retirement) 

Optional Equipment 

The most common optional equipment that affects the value of a helicopter will be listed by category in the first drop-down box.  Once a category has been selected, choose specific types of equipment, and click the ADD button.  In some cases, you will be required to enter the year/age of the equipment.  If you are unsure of the age of your equipment, please use the airframe YOM.  HeliCalc® will make depreciated calculations for certain types of equipment.   


If you feel there is equipment that is missing and should be added to the program, please contact our office at 1-847-487-8285 or via email at [email protected].  


Provisions Only:  If there are provisions for equipment, but the equipment is not installed on the aircraft check the Provisions Only box.  HeliCalc® will calculate a partial value for provisions.  See FAQ for more info on equipment. 


Enter a rating for each cosmetic element using the scale: 

  • -2 = Poor 

  • -1 = Fair 

  • 0 = Average: is a neutral rating. It offers neither betterment nor detriment to the value of the aircraft. 

  • 1 = Good 

  • 2 = Excellent 

     *You must use whole numbers between –2 and 2. 

     *About cosmetic ratings: the ratings are not a comparison of the machine's condition against a new aircraft’s condition.  It is a rating comparing it with similar models of the same age group doing comparable work.  


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