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HeliCalc® is HeliValue$ newest product.   This do it yourself Automated Valuation Module will establish a fair market value for [model] by entering in the helicopters component times and installed equipment along with adding value points for the helicopters nterior and exterior cosmetics.

HeliCalc® is the newest addition to the tools and resources offered by HeliValue$. This do it yourself Automated Valuation Module was developed to give our customers with a strong background in helicopter operations, 24 hours 7 days a week access to values specific to their helicopter. HeliCalc® provides a comprehensive evaluation based on your helicopter or helicopters actual component status and installed equipment. This tool is tailored specifically for each machine entered. HeliCalc® is a cost effective tool for those who do not need a formal appraisal report prepared by an accredited American Society of Appraisers "ASA".

HeliCalc® is helpful when considering a purchase, pre-lease commitments, internal evaluations, and for our customers who perform their own appraisals and require a more in-depth approach than our Single Model Blue Book page or our Blue Book's average value range.  The calculator is built on HeliValue$ Blue Book database and calculations are made based on our proprietary algorithms developed and used in our own appraisal programs for four decades and for over 2,500 helicopter appraisals we perform each year.  The final report is not USPAP compliant and not reviewed or signed by an accredited ASA appraiser.

You can purchase the HeliCalc® tool by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/helicalc

Our Blue Book index provide available data for the {model}.  Click this link to the helicopter blue book index, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/index

Purchase a subscription to view the {model} resale value, specifications, perspectives, resales trends and components by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/subscriptions

Before purchasing, you can view sample pages of The Official Helicopter Blue Book by clicking on this link, https://www.helivalues.com/bb/sample

If you need an accurate current fair market value, orderly liquidation value or net orderly liquidation value, request a desktop appraisal today,  https://www.helivalues.com/appraisal-requests