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Unions: UK North Sea Workers Give 'Overwhelming' Support For Strike

Reuters on Friday, March 27, 2015
March 27, 2015
LONDON, March 27 (Reuters) - Trade unions Unite and GMB said members working offshore in Britain's oil and gas industry had shown overwhelming support for industrial action over proposed changes to their terms and conditions in a consultative ballot which closed on Friday.
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Pick a letter: U or V

Alasdair Whyte, Editor, Helicopter Investor
March 20, 2015

You could get a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil on Wednesday for just $44.66 (although what anyone would do with one barrel – or enough to fill 3.5 ten-gallon hats – is a mystery). This is the lowest price for six years and shows a fall of about 60 per cent from last summer.

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Increased Scrutiny on Residual Reviews

Shawn Halladay & Carl Chrappa
July 29, 2014

Monitor 100 June 2014.  Expanded regulation and concern over past problems have increased the scrutiny auditors are applying to residual reviews, particularly for banks. Shawn Halladay and Carl Chrappa of The Alta Group discuss the impacts additional scrutiny has, including amplified levels of detailed information...

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Challenges of "Heavy" Overwater Helicopters

Lindsay Higgins

Mechanical failure, perception and confidence, and differing opinions about safety are all factors contributing to the successes and failures of rotorcraft.  In this article, we will look at other models that have faced similar mechanical issues, some with distinctly different outcomes, and compare them to...

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Your Accountant Says You Need a “Qualified Appraisal”. Where Do You Start?

Sharon Desfor, ASA, MRICS
February 25, 2013

Your company is being audited. You’re purchasing a company and need to allocate the purchase price across the assets. You’re getting divorced, or married, or your spouse passed away. You bought a helicopter. You sold a helicopter. You donated a helicopter to a museum.

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Oops, My Registration has Expired?

Carol Busch
December 27, 2012

HeliValue$’ president, Sharon Desfor, is a member of HAI’s Finance and Leasing Committee, whose last meeting spent considerable time discussing the new problem of expired FAA registrations. The research shows over 31,000 aircraft on the FAA registry with expired registrations / pending cancellations...

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Critical Elements of Helicopter Value - Part 2 of 2

Sharon Desfor
December 26, 2012

In Part 1, we defined micro elements are those which are inherent in the helicopter itself. Let's then define macro elements as those which are external to the helicopter and are imposed by the general economy: supply and demand, industry growth or contraction, client growth or contraction, availability of capital...

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Critical Elements of Helicopter Value - Part 1 of 2

Sharon Desfor
October 26, 2012

Are you thinking about buying a helicopter? Selling one? Funding a purchase or lease? As in economics, there are both micro and macro elements critical to its value.

Let's define micro elements as those which are inherent in the helicopter itself. These are the things that a...

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“Don’t Look Back; the future may be gaining on you”

Barry Desfor
September 4, 2012

Everyone with any experience in the helicopter industry knows how and why helicopters are different from fixed-wing airplanes. Helicopter people also know that these differences are a “good thing”. The helicopters’ uniqueness is an irreplaceable asset - until the times comes to explain it to important people.

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“What do we learn from trade shows?”

Barry Desfor
May 14, 2012

“What do we learn from trade shows?”

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