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Residual Worksheets provide a forecasted depreciation schedule based on the aircraft's specific details and return conditions.


Residual Projection Worksheets provide estimated future value curves of an aircraft based on the aircraft’s value or purchase price. Residuals are specific to the model, year of manufacture, configuration, and Hourly Maintenance Program (HMP). They are not based on actual component times unless performed with a Desktop Appraisal, in conjunction with return conditions of a lease agreement. *Residuals are not appraisals and should not be relied upon to the same extent.


Residual value bundles (10) are sold as part of the Enterprise Subscription. If you are already an Enterprise subscriber and have purchased a residual bundle, you may use them as part of your desktop appraisal. Customers without an Enterprise subscription, you may purchase residual values individually for $500 each or consider upgrading to an Enterprise subscription that will allow you to purchase residual value bundles at a discounted rate of $600 for the first bundle of 10 and $1,600 per bundle after that.


Click here to view a sample Residual Worksheet.




Last changed: 01/03/2022